If you are looking for a convenient and easy way to raise money, Ecosmith Recyclers can help!
When it comes to fundraising, it can be difficult to figure out your best option. Too often, fundraising efforts revolve around pestering friends, coworkers, or neighbors to purchase goods.
At Ecosmith Recyclers, we make fundraising simple through textile recycling.
We offer several different options, and we are very flexible when it comes to planning around your needs and schedule.

specialFundraising Option #1: Sponsor a Recycling Bin

We Provide at no cost to you:

  • An attractive and secure collection container.
  • All associated signage
  • Regular and timely pick up of collected materials.
  • A certificate of insurance upon request
  • A quarterly payment based on the quantity of materials collected

Your Organization:

  • Identifies a suitable collection site
  • Obtains permission from owner
  • Promotes the program through newsletters, Facebook, and other social media avenue

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Fundraising Option #2: Host a Shoe Drive

We provide at no cost to you:

  • A collection container or enclosed trailer, depending on circumstance
  • Pick up of collected materials
  • Payment within two weeks of shoe drive ending
  • Certificate of insurance

Your Organization:

  • Chooses a period of time (typically between one day and two weeks) and identifies dates of drive.
  • Advertises in advanced and during drive.
  • Collects materials and places them in provided container for pick up.

Materials collected during a “shoe” drive include:

  • Paired footwear: sneakers, dress shoes, heels, boots, sandals, flip flops, and more

Fundraising Option 3: Host a Clothing Drive

This is an event over a specific period of time.

  • Your organization collects the acceptable materials, Ecosmith picks up the recycled materials at your location
  • We will provide container/trailer
  • We pay you within 2 weeks of pick up

How to Get a Recycling Receptacle at your Location

bxIt’s easy and FREE to have an Ecosmith textile recycling receptacle at your location in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Three Easy Steps:

  1. Contact us:
    Call us at 603-647-1088, email us at info@ecosmithrecyclers.com, or complete the form below.
  2. We provide, at no cost to you, a quality collection container, a certificate of insurance, and the necessary signage.
  3. Quarterly, we will send you payment based on the materials collected – it’s that easy.

For you there is no selling of goods, no annoying phone calls, no solicitation – although it doesn’t hurt to mention your program in your school’s newsletter.

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