Whether you represent a school, youth sport league, club, shelter, veterans association, food pantry, or any of the many other non-profit groups, there is one thing that everyone has in common: a need to fundraise.

Here at Ecosmith Recyclers, we have solutions!

Fundraising is an unavoidable aspect of operating any non-profit group, community organization, or publicly funded institution with a limited budget. While no one particularly enjoys standing outside of a grocery store or convincing coworkers to order things out of magazines, we all do it because we genuinely care about the cause that those efforts benefit.

If you are in need of additional funding but also want to do something that benefits communities locally and around the globe, consider hosing a clothing and shoe drive with Ecosmith Recyclers. All collected material is packed, shipped, and then redistributed to persons in need overseas. You can help keep closets clean and our waste stream clear of useful clothing and shoes simply by reaching out and organizing a drive.

If you're interested:
  1. Fill out the form below and let us know.
  2. We will be in touch and we will gladly help you work out all of the particulars.
  3. We will bring to you a suitable collection container along with signs to help advertise.
  4. When your chosen date arrives, place all collected material into the container.
  5. Once the drive is complete, we will pick up the container, weigh the material, and mail you a check for a percentage of the proceeds.
When hosting a clothing and shoe drive, there are a few things that you can do to better your chances of the drive being a success:
  1. Begin advertising as early as possible to give people ample time to gather their donations.
  2. Use several different methods of advertising and include the dates, location, and what you intend to collect.
  3. Locate a safe, convenient, and highly visible spot to host the collection container.
  4. Make use of all available signs to serve as a reminder to people driving by.
  5. Consider hosing a drive in the spring and in the fall. Seasonal changes provide an excellent opportunity to donate as wardrobes are swapped.
If you aren't sure how best to go about advertising, try a few of the following:
  • Advertise in the town bulletin
  • Add a note to the school newsletter
  • Hang flyers on local business bulletin boards
  • Post regular reminders on various social media outlets

Interested in hosting a bin at your location? Let us know!

Host a Clothing and Shoe Drive with Ecosmith